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Information about the round table on the topic “Factors of making a happy and strong family”

         On February 3, 2021, in the Meeting Hall of the institute, with the aim of preparing students and young people for family life, a round table on the topic “Factors of making a happy and strong family!" was held.

         At the Round Table, chairman of the Council of the Samarkand City Nuraniys' Foundation “Working with family and women” G.M.Khusainova and rector advisor to the Institute on women's issues M.N.Babakulova expressed thoughts about the holiness of the family, possible problems in the family, interpersonal relationships in the family, mother-in-law relations, pedagogical and psychological aspects of the couple's relationship. It was explained that a woman should be glorified in the family, and for this, first of all, a woman should achieve her own activities.

         M.Babakulova told about the peculiarities of the Uzbek family of the present time, about the factors of achieving happiness in the family and based on values, and gave students-young people an understanding that all family members are responsible for the happiness of a newly built family.

         At the event, married students and students on the verge of starting a family received answers to their questions. The Round Table was based on the activation of students, questions and answers.