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Have you ever imagined that after entering university, as a student, you can even partially choose what courses to study there?

 These opportunities, which were once a dream, have now been introduced at Samarkand State Architecture and Construction University named after Mirzo Ulugbek, one of the first among HEIs in the republic. At the beginning of the semester, each academician presents a program for his/her course, after explaining in detail what this course is about and what students can do in practice as a result of studying this course, students can apply for the course of their choice online. They were selected through the ballot.

 According to the "Concept of the Development of the Higher Education System of the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030", approved by the decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated October 8, 2019, it is mentioned that development of mechanisms for transferring curricula of higher education institutions to the credit-module system and gradually transferring them to this system, as well as increasing the share of independent study hours, students' independent education, critical and creative thinking, systematic analysis, formation of entrepreneurship skills, introduction of methods and technologies aimed at strengthening competencies in the educational process, orientation of the educational process to the formation of practical skills, in this regard, advancement of the educational process based on international educational standards or wide introduction of pedagogical technologies, educational programs and teaching-methodical materials.

Traditional universities operate on the basis of strictly defined curricula, students are forced to study all the prescribed subjects. At this point, a logical question arises, what if all subjects in the curriculum do not correspond to the interests and future plans of each student?

In modern universities, every student knows his/her interests, opportunities, future profession and the necessary courses for it. A student can be forced to sit in a room, but his/her thoughts and attention cannot be kept in a room. Another advantage of universities working on the credit-module system is the introduction of elective courses into the curriculum.

Elective courses provide an opportunity to master various subjects in addition to the student's major, and also help the student to grow personally and professionally.

Students develop new skills through elective classes. For example, if a student majors in economics and chooses psychology as an elective, it will help them understand the way buyers and sellers think, and understand their reasons for spending.

Here is the list of the top ten subjects among the 30 elective subjects offered to students through an online survey at SamSUAC in the current academic year;

1. Russian language;

2. Turkish language;

3. German language;

4. Teaching basic techniques in volleyball;

5. Direct marketing;

6. Teaching football and basic movements;

7. Establishing public relations in business;

8. Basics of logistics management;

9. Korean language;

10. Teaching basic techniques in basketball.

Of course, the number of elective courses increases every year, because times are changing, science is developing, and new skills are needed in the market. Based on modern trends, the student's ability to make independent decisions is formed. A system will be created for students to take elective courses outside their faculties, that is, from other faculties.

The system of elective courses actually creates a unique atmosphere of competition among academic staff. Those who do not work on themselves, who come to class with old books and information, and who are indifferent to education, automatically become unnecessary for the student. Courses that do not meet the interests and needs of students will be removed from the curriculum, courses on the new list will be adapted to the requirements and interests of the time.

According to the "concept of development of the higher education system of the Republic of Uzbekistan until 2030", which the head of our state, hounarable Shavkat Mirziyoyev, set as a goal for us in 2019, SamSUAC team led by rector Cigdem Canbay Turkyilmaz will continue to use all potentials and opportunities to deliver a strong expert in the fields with international experience and interdisciplinary skills, competitive in our country and in the world.

 Press service of SamSUAC