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In March 2021, the psychologist of the Institute S. Otayorov conducted a seminar-training on the topic "Positive aspects of helping those around us" among the students of Architecture.

 Volunteers in seminar training and people who willingly help others are more satisfied with their lives. When a person extends a helping hand to others, his positive energy increases tenfold. It is through these positive actions that we realize the true essence of what we were created as human beings! In this way, this seminar-training was rich in motivation.

At the Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering in October 2021, psychologist S. Otayorov of the institute held a seminar-training for students of the 2nd year of the Faculty of Construction Management on the topic "Advice on how to spend your time worth a million dollars on the necessary work." In the course of the seminar-training, the students learned to identify the tasks that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly basis and to allocate their time accordingly. Students also gained skills on how to get rid of harmful habits that waste a lot of time.

In October 2021, at the Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering named after Mirzo Ulug'bek, psychologist S. Otayorov and educator-pedagogue A. Tursunov will study their problems, suggestions, and interests with students in need of social protection living in the student residence No. 1. in order to give the necessary advices that will guide you to your goals, under the slogan "You are not less than anyone", he held separate conversations in an upbeat and sincere spirit.

In November 2021, in November 2021, in order to further improve the quality of education of students and young people, to direct their free time to useful work, the 1st stage students of the Faculty of Architecture of the Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering named after Mirzo Ulug'bek held a psychocorrective seminar-training on the topic "Is our work and our aspirations to acquire knowledge enough to realize our dreams and goals?"

In this seminar-training, the psychologist of the institute gave the necessary psychological advice to the students and young people: that every person should always improve himself, that he should not stop moving in any situation with good intentions and strong determination. He also gave a number of examples of how people can make a personal plan for their daily activities and, based on this plan, complete every task on time, no matter how big or small, it will have a beneficial effect in achieving their goals.

In November 2021, the psychologist of the institute conducted a small seminar-training on the topic "Stabilization of social adjustment (adaptation) in students" in order to prevent or correct maladjustment among young people. In his psychological speech, he emphasized the strengthening of students' educational goals through autogenous exercises. He stressed that the best way to strengthen the adaptation process in individuals is to be able to feel their motives, goals, and needs before starting any work and put them on the right path. At the end of the seminar-training, students-young people held a round-table discussion with the psychologist of the institute regarding the questions they were interested in.

In December 2021, at the Faculty of Engineering Communications Construction of the Samarkand State Institute of Architecture and Civil Engineering, in cooperation with the psychologist of the institute, the deputy dean for work with youth, in order for young people to understand and develop their individual abilities and increase personal opportunities was conducted a scientific psychological seminar-training for the 1st year students on the topic "Innate potential of the human brain".

Psychologist in his own words said: Interests, abilities, talents, even character of individuals are determined by the more work done by the right and left hemispheres of the brain. For example, among the persons who perform high work in the right hemisphere are strong athletes, masters of various arts, producers, painters, pilots (astronauts), etc. comes out. They have well-developed visual analyzers, that is, spatial perception.

Left-hemisphere high-functioning individuals produce strong logic-based professionals (professors of mathematics and similar subjects, writers, speakers, etc.). Their speaking and analysis will be well developed. But this does not mean that 100% of all people are like that, he added that there are exceptions (there are also people who work in the same hemispheres). He also gave information about unconditional and conditional reflexes, which are a complete view of the entire life activity and activity of individuals. He gave necessary recommendations to students and young people to increase effective conditional reflexes in everyday life.